Friday, 3 July 2009

A sweet bonanza to my blog!!!

As you all know that personal blogs are meant to express anything you feel and like. In that way, I thought of posting a sweet recipe though am not an expert in cooking. This sweet is called as Moong dhal ladoo. It looks like as if it’s very difficult to make but I feel it’s one of the easy dessert to prepare and to surprise your loved ones. Making complex things to easy one’s is what I love to do and that’s what my blog is all about. Let me tell you how to prepare this yummy ladoo’s….
(makes 6)
1 cup yellow moong dhal (split green gram)
heaped 3/4 cup sugar (adjust to taste)
3-4 cardamoms, peeled and powdered (add little sugar and grind to make it powdery)
8-10 cashews, broken into pieces
about 10-12 teaspoons of ghee

On low heat toast the moong dhal till it is a uniform reddish brown color. Remove from heat and spread on a plate to cool.

Powder the sugar in a blender. Heat a teaspoon of ghee and saute cashews until light brown. Remove in a bowl and keep aside.

Grind moong dhal to a fine powder and mix with cashews, sugar and cardamom-nutmeg powder.

Heat about ten teaspoons of ghee in a wide sauce pan. Add dhal mixture and stir until well combined. Remove from heat and shape into lemon sized balls when the mixture is still warm. Add teaspoons of hot ghee gradually if the mixture cannot be easily shaped.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Heavenly Place!!!

Last week I have been to an Island and stayed there for three days and to describe about the place, I can use all positive adjectives, say incredible, amazing and goes on... I could not take my eyes off by seeing the marvelous beauty of nature. If I have to capture that beauty it’s impossible, because the whole island was so heavenly. The island has totally five lakes and you could find many water falls on the way to the island and the same is situated in Scotland. I hope you guys would have got some idea about the place which I am describing….Yes!!! It’s called the Isle of Skye….OMG what a place…..still in my eyes…What ever might be, I am a person where I don’t get excited or convinced that easily, but! This place made me feel that, I was in the heaven for three days…and that’s why I call this as a Heavenly Place…..
Photography:-..Its me...

Friday, 20 March 2009

The Lucky Seven Stranger’s

Mistakes are done knowingly or unknowingly by people during their life time…but only few tries to compensate either of their mistakes by doing good deeds, but what if the person doesn’t have a choice or can’t recompense his mistakes to the people he did. Well that’s the secret; He looked for recovery and transformed the life of seven strangers, once his work was done he dint turned up from what he planned earlier.

The above lines are the impact of a movie named “SEVEN POUNDS”. The majority of the movie is mysterious which will lead you more guesses but the ending will make you go tell everyone to watch this movie. I did my part. I will not hope but I am sure that you all love this movie…

Friday, 6 March 2009


Yesterday I was bit dull, I could not find myself the reason behind my dullness, say a monotony feeling in the evening…I saw the time in my laptop it was 15 minutes early to strike seven, within a second I heard a ring from the calling phone just like a calling bell, took the phone and as expected it was my hubby, I gave access to him through a button which lies at the transmitter part of the phone so that the door can be opened without a key. I was happy to see him after being alone from morning. Around 9’o clock we finished our dinner and along with my husband I was looking at the news from a website somehow my hubby sensed that I sound bit dull than he changed the site and made me watch a movie named “NARASIMHA”(action movie)……. Acted by vijaykanth and the director was dead before the movie was about to release. God has really saved him otherwise people would have killed him after watching this movie lols. I was shocked and astonished by seeing the introduction scene of the hero (a police) where he produced himself as a terrorist, who can take the nail from his fingers by his teeth, Doesn’t faint though the doctors injects him with a drug. Finally the worst of all was he was able to burst the transformer by his mind power when the current headphones were kept on his head….This is perfectly called "unbelievable"….the movie was released as an action movie but unfortunately it turned to be a comedy movie and made me laugh really hard.....

Thursday, 26 February 2009

"Not alone but lonely"

Its not that only singles feel lonely sometimes the one who is dependent and who miss the society in which she always wanted to live. its also like "Loneliness in crowd"....I like to be alone but hates the feel of loneliness..Aloneness is different from being will have freedom to do anything you wish by being alone but feeling lonely is when you don't find people to share things of your taste.

It may sometimes be good to be alone, but it is rarely good to be lonely.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

"Analysis of myself'"

People say that i have unusual charisma and an outstanding leader in my role as the Envisioner Mentor. My type is found in only about 5% of the population. (Sounds interesting right!!!!)People turn to me for support and nurturing, because i am caring and concern, and i can usually deliver what they need. People are my highest priority and value....hmmm i totally agree...

I am very tolerant with others, always trustworthy, and able to react to others with understanding. I have well-developed intuition: follow my hunches with confidence! I tend to long for an ideal relationship, feeling vaguely dissatisfied when mine isn't perfect. My excel in occupations where personal contact, one on one, is important.

Hey....people!!!you cant stop expressing me in just two para...there are few more things to go.....Fine!!!let me tell you....

I am a person who seek for intimacy, depth, and harmony;I am also a Feeling type, i show my emotions, and expect the same from the loved one. But i always tend to forget to remember that opposites tend to attract each other, so for my sweetness may well be a Thinker; expecting a demanding open expressions from a Thinker,,,naaaaa which always fails, and i get bit dissapointed.....

I wish to be more organized and purposeful..i like to plan things ahead and make myself comfortable. i am also intuitive ..which makes me to dream things which might not work or be possible....slowly working on to concentrate on my present improvement rather than thinking of future.....

When it comes to relationship i wish to include a lot of sociability.I get nourishment to my feelings when my hubby talks about how much he loves and cares for me......Wow..thats a beautiful feeling...

Routine things may be you can call it as..."long practised things" always puts me in comfort zone...I always wish to solve problems and settle things as fast as possible.I tend to be sympathetic and people-oriented, responding best to people's feelings and values, rather than their logic or their thoughts thats where i get cheated sometimes.

I really felt great to write about myself because by doing this i could project my personality(both positives and negatives)...Well my next step is to learn to be a little more flexible which will allow me to improve on my ability for administrative excellence.